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Astrological Consultations with LeLonni Campbell

For all consultations you will need to provide your
1-date of birth
2-place of birth
3-time of birth—if you do not know the time you were born I will use Sunrise on your birthday

All consultations can be done over the phone or in person at my office, and can be paid via paypal I am also available for events and Astrology Parties.
Half hour phone consultations are available upon request.

Please watch my weekly newsletter for specials

Natal ChartNatal Chart - The Nativity or Natal Chart is the energy you were born with, it addresses your strengths and weakness. I will go over your natal placements including your Sun, Moon and Ascendant, as well as how your planets interact with each other. Your Natal Chart offers you an insight to the "whys" of your life. This consultation includes the current transits and progressions you are experiencing – or how the planets are affecting your Natal Chart as well as what you can expect for the next 6 months. 45 minutes $100; 1 hour or 60 minutes $125; 1 1/2 hour or 90 minutes $150.

Astrological Forecast ReportComparison Chart - This is the energy between two people, it can be husband/wife, business partnerships, parent/child, friendships or anything else you can think of. We would go over the dynamics of the relationship, where its difficult as well as where it is easy, we will also explore how this relationship developed in past lives and how that affects the current life, with suggestions on how to overcome some of the difficulties that come with karmic ties. 1/2 hour or 30 Minutes $75; 1 Hour or 60 Minutes $100.

Solar Return ReportSpiritual Path or Esoteric Chart - This is the path your soul has chosen for you in this life, where you higher self or soul wants you to be. This is a way of looking at your Natal Chart from the view of your higher self; it explores the struggle between personality or ego and the soul or higher self. Understanding your chart from this perspective allows you to view your life through a very different lens, you understand what feels like struggle is really a honing of your spiritual self. 1 hour or 60 minutes $150; 1 ½ hour or 90 minutes $175.

Astrological Compatabilit ReportKarmic Chart - This is the energy brought from your past lives into the present. I am not going to tell you who you were, but we can explore the energy that you brought with you and how it pushes you in this life. It's often the answer to questions about yourself and your life you just can't get a handle on. It's why you pick the romantic parents your pick or why your family treats you as they do, why you have challenges with finances or any of the challenges that life presents us with. Your karmic history and patterns is what creates the events you are dealing with today. Knowing where you have been allows you to see where you are going. ½ hour or 30 minutes $75; 1 hour or 60 minutes $100.


Private readings either in person or by phone are available. I am also available for events, astrology parties and fundraisers. Please contact us to arrange an appointment

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