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Mercury Retrograde

Even people who don’t know much about astrology seem to have heard about Mercury retrograde, even if they don’t understand what it means.  So let’s take a look at what it does mean.
This phenomenon happens approximately three times a year year.  All planets have a retrograde motion, except the Sun and Moon. But what exactly does retrograde mean? More...

The Way to A Healthier Life Through The Ancient Science of Ayurveda

Not everyone can digest an apple, or cauliflower or a carrot, even if that food is of the highest organic quality. The body’s metabolism and digestive system is unique to the individual and certain foods can cause certain conditions such as bloating, acid indigestion, or irregular bowel habits. This doesn’t mean that a particular food needs to be completely eliminated from the diet. With the aid of spices or herbs, most foods can be tolerated by almost everyone. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda that dates back thousands of years, is a science of health and healing. The objective of this ‘science’ is to maintain health and to prevent ill health entirely by natural methods, and that means a diet geared toward the individual’s own needs. More...

A History of Astrology

What do Johanna Kepler, Nicholls Culpeper, Tycho Brahe, Pope Leo, Ronald Reagan, Hippocrates, Sir Isaac Newton, the Greek, Roman, Moslems, Christians, Jewish, Egyptians, Native American, Druids and many others have in common? Astrology.  Astrology was the first science and all other sciences have evolved from it.  The Arabs came up with the first mathematical system so they could chart the stars. Astronomy is the little brother of Astrology, all major religions at one time or another embraced Astrology.  It has been with us from the dawn of time. Now that is an amazing legacy. More...

Where you find the planet Neptune in your horoscope is where you need to develop boundaries


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