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Description: Mars is the dominate planet on Sunday, but for the most part is a very positive way. Mars can be an irritation, even at his best, but he can also push us to take action. In Taurus action that is calm and reasonable seems likely,. Mars makes a nice contact with all planets except Venus. So the beginning of the week bring a lot of opportunity to get things done. The Waning Square to Venus can indicate a tendency towards not waiting to cooperate or a desire to do things by ourselves. The closest of Mars contact on Sunday into Monday is a Sextile to Neptune. These two can seem like an unlikely pair but they have more in common than not. Mars takes the idealistic quality of Neptune and take action on it. This Sextile brings the opportunity to make or idealistic ideas happen, its energy that allows us to stretch beyond our personal restrictions. Both these planets are in creative/artistic signs, Taurus and Pisces. These days are also a great time to use your creative nature to create, a day when being surround with beauty can be quite grounding.

One Wednesday we see Mars make a Trine to Saturn, from Taurus to Capricorn, this is building energy. Both are in signs, Taurus, Capricorn, that care very much about stability and security. Its a good day for taking care of business and finances. If this creates a positive energy in your chart, Planets or Points between 16-19 of the Earth Signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, a great day for applying for a job or finding the job of your dreams, asking for a raise or maybe getting a promotion. Its also a good day to pitch ideas or even start a business of your own. We have a Sun Pluto Sextile on the same day, a time when we can feel comfortable around those who have power or we can find our own power and feel comfortable expressing it.

Wednesday brings a Sun/Jupiter Square, the Square a 90* angle represents blockages and is considered difficult. But we have to look at the planets invovled, the Sun and Jupiter like each other and both just want to enjoy life. So this energy can be a positive energy, especially to those who need a confidence boost. The challenge of these two is over doing, both tent to want what they want so impulse control or restraint is difficult. If it affects your chart, planets or points between 21-24 of Capricorn and Pisces you may need to use self restraint or you find yourself feeling empowered or both.

On Thursday Mercury joins the Sun at 23-24 Pisces, this is a confusing energy, as Mercury is Retrograde and Neptune is close to both the Sun and Mercury. Its a day to be careful with facts what you see may not be the whole truth, its best to put off important decisions if you can, if you cannot just be very careful and pay close attention to details. Its also a time when what is hidden can come to the surface, at least eventually. The following day Friday, brings Jupiter into the equasion as Juptier Squares both Mercury and the Sun. Jupiter Expands and makes things larger. So what was not clear or in the open a day earlier may surface and become larger than we could have expected. It also means we need to be careful to not over sell or promise more than we can deliver, we may think we are being honest but we can exaggerate without knowing that is what we are donig. Or others can do this to us, knowling or unknowling. Its always more managble to under promise and over deliver.

The confusion starts to clear on Saturday when Pluto joins the party, Pluto is very clear so he brings a more focused energy to the Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Neptune energy. Pluto helps us look at things for what they and see issues with a clear eye. Its the better day of the week to find facts and use them in the appropiate way.

Date: Sunday, March 10, 2019
Priority: Medium
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Created by: Lelonni Campbell
Updated: Thursday, March 7, 2019 3:46pm

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