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Description: The last week of August is packed full of intense energy. We start off with a Full Moon On Sunday at 7:56 AM EDT. This Full Moon occurs at 3* 12" Virgo and Pisces. All Full Moon's are about releasing what is not long working in our lives. The area of your chart by house and planet helps you know what is being triggered so you see it needs to go. Just look at what comes up that is a good insight into what is no long needed in your energy center. Full Moon's bring up emotions we throught we had hidden or repressed enough that they are gone, Full Moon's remind us of what still needs attention. This Full Moon has the Moon in Pisces a highly emotional sign, we always see the Full Moon with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces at this time of year. The Sun is a part of a Grand Trine, along with Saturn and Uranus a great energy for building a time to plan and work on future goals. We also have a Mercury/Neptune Inconjunct on Sunday, this is energy that exposes information that has been hidden. Such as secrets come out, or untruths are exposed. Its not a great day for important decisions or choices, wait until their is less emotion and more clarity. At the same time Mercury also Squares Jupiter. Whenever I see Mercury along with Jupiter and Neptune I think of a story teller. Its a great energy for creative projects or telling a convincing story, but it also lends itself to overstating things and making misleading statements.
On Monday at 10:05 AM Mars goes direct, this comes a week after Mercury turning direct. These two plans now moving in a direct motion will feel like we have been freed as the energy of so many Retrograde planets over the past few months has been frustration for everyone. Mars Retrograde slows down anything we are attempting to get done, it takes double work to get 50% in accomplishments. We also see a Venus Pluto Square on Monday, this is difficult energy for finances and coming to terms with others. Venus represents cooperation, the Square to Pluto indicates a lack of coming together and possible cohesion. So if you need to make some plans with someone else put it off for a day if you can. I do think this Square will show itself in the political arena, especially in terms of trade wars.
On Wednesday We have a Mercury Pluto Inconjunct this can be a compulsive energy, we get our mind stuck on something and can't let go. The Signs of Leo and Capricorn will be affected the most or if you have any points or planets between 17-19 degrees of either sign. Pluto represents extremes, so we can hear speech or communications that are way over the top, to the point of forceful and manipulative such as in emotional manipulation.
We end the week with a Mercury Venus Sextile, this is the energy of loving speech, or the ability to communication on a higher level and come together on agreements. If you have Planets in Leo and Libra between 22 and 24 degrees its a great day for making agreements or even sighing the paperwork for a deal.
Date: Sunday, September 2, 2018
Priority: Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Lelonni Campbell
Updated: Sunday, August 26, 2018 7:02pm

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