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Description: The entire week will be shadowed by a Mars/Pluto conjunction, we start the week with the conjunction approaching as they Sextile Jupiter. This combo has a lot of good energy, Mars and Jupiter play well together its the energy of the warrior, so its a great time to take on those hard jobs you would rather not do. Their is also a sense of optimism that can push us to take a chance. Jupiter and Pluto also work well together, they are both very excessive planets so we always need to be cautious not to overdue when they are setting each other off. In general this is the energy of accomplishment and the pride in a job well done. But Mars and Pluto are explosive, they like each other they can work well together but they can also bring the energy of bullying, using cohesion or force or even physical intimation. These two planets are intense on their own and of course doubly so when together. Extreme passions come to the surface, and this is where Jupiter comes in, Jupiter makes everything larger than it is, so the Sextile can push an exaggeration of the energy between Mars/Pluto. When this energy is harness it can be used for heroism, when it is not harnessed or used in a negative way it can be quite explosive. So just avoid situations that are unstable and don't overreact because others act out during this time. If you have Cardinal Points, Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn between 19-22 degrees this energy will be felt more personally
Monday brings the exact Sextile of Mars and Jupiter. A good day to make financial choices, start a building/repair projects or maybe even take a chance, these two planets together can be very lucky. But often that luck is a result of taking a well thought out chance.
Tuesday bring a Mercury/Saturn Square. Squares are a 90* angle that suggests blockages/difficulties. But Squares are also know for their ability to push us into accomplishments. With this energy you can find yourself solving a problem that leads you to a new way of seeing things. An example would be-You have a writers block, Mercury is writing, but that block has you looking in new directions as you try to figure out why it is happening. All of a sudden you realize, you block has happened because your not seeing the obvious and you open up to release the block. So use this energy its a great problem solving energy, I personally like Mercury with Saturn no matter what the aspect may be as Saturn has the ability to focus Mercury.
Venus moves into Gemini on Tuesday, this is a nice sign for Venus as Gemini is fun and flirty, just what Venus wants.
On Wed we see Mars join Pluto in Capricorn, this is the energy of hard work. This is a no nonsense energy that pushes forward no matter what the odds may be. If you have planets between 20-22 of the Cardinal Signs, especially Capricorn this energy can have you feeling tense. Mars is mussels Pluto is pressure so this energy can have you feeling the tenseness in your body, a good day for a massage.
We end the week with a Sun Saturn Trine. Trines are an easy flow of energy so this brings a great energy for business matters to go smoothly. Its also a wonderful financial energy, a good day to make choices about investments, especially long term investments. The Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will benefit the most
Date: Sunday, April 29, 2018
Priority: Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Lelonni Campbell
Updated: Friday, April 20, 2018 7:15pm

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