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Description: We left last week under the influence of Pisces/Neptune energy and we continue into the current week still feeling that influence. Sunday brings us a Sun/Neptune conjunction. This is a wonderful energy on one side, its artistic, loving, romantic, trusting, selfless and sensitive so if we tap into this part of Neptune we can enjoy life in a very magical way. The other side of this energy is only seeing what we want to see, being brought into the world of illusions and delusions, being overly sensitive to the point of paranoia and self destruction. Most of us don't fall into the extreme side of energy but we do need to stay balanced and self aware. My best advice is if you feel like you are starting to drown in delusions find a creative/loving space so you challenge this energy into something positive and beautiful. If you have Mutable Positions Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, between 12-15 this energy will affect you to a greater or lesser degree. We do have some really positive energy on Sunday as Mercury and Venus join Chiron at 27 degrees of Pisces. This is healing energy, powerful healing energy, both physically and emotionally. Its a time when love allows us to be healed and be a force for healing. The Water Signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will most easily tap into this powerful energy.
On Tuesday we see a shift as both Mercury and Venus move from Pisces into Aries. Aries can be extremely blunt so Mercury here can bring us some in your face communications styles, but with Venus right next to Mercury no matter how blunt or how difficult a subject may be Venus finds a way to make it sound polite and less intimidating. This is a good time to talk to others to air grievances in a positive so we can resolve issues not inflame them.
Mid Week Mars starts a Trine to Uranus that lasts into next week and will be the strongest over the week end. This is a stimulating energy, it can also be a fun energy a time when we take chances just for the thrill of taking a chance. These two planets enjoy each other, maybe a little to much sort of like two teenaged boys who push each other into doing things they know they will get in trouble for. But it was a whole lot of fun pushing that envelope. This is happening in the Fire Signs of Aries and Sagittarius signs that love to push past limits and boundaries. The positive side of this energy is the creative nature it holds, its a time to come up with new ideas and new ways of doing things. We can hear of breakthroughs in technology, new discoveries and a strong desire for change. The not so positive side of this energy is the impulsive energy it carries, the lack of respect for boundaries. Its an over excitable energy that can push those on the edge over the edge. So its a good time to push yourself into trying something new, but using self control in anything that can spell trouble. And just in case you don't think the world and news is crazy enough this may bring a whole new flurry of stories and antidotes.
On Thursday the 8th Jupiter goes retrograde at 23 Scorpio, Jupiter as a planet represents things such as luck and optimism, so when this planet goes retrograde we may go through feelings of doubt, things seem bleak, and they m at be bleak. The secret of Jupiter is to find that inner place of belief when things are bad not just when things are good. Jupiter has much to do with our outlook and what we personally find believable, so during the retrograde cycle these things may be challenged. Scorpio the sign Jupiter is currently in has very strong ideas of right and wrong so we may be challenged as to what we find acceptable, things we have believed were fine we discover are not so fine and we have to shift.
We end the week with a flurry of energy, first we have Mercury in Aries Square Saturn in Capricorn. This can mean hard choices have to be made, Mercury in Aries think and reacts quickly, Saturn in Capricorn moves slowly and thoughtfully. Those two energies can balance each other and they can frustrate each other. I think we will see a little of both, some rashness and some thoughtfulness. If you have Cardinal Points, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn between 6-8 degrees this energy will push you and test your sensibilities. Then we have a Sun/Pluto Sextile this can be a creative energy, Earth and Water tend to "grow" things, so its a time when our creative juices are flowing. This is also an energy of transformation thanks to Pluto, we have opportunity to makes changes that can transform our lives and our worlds.
Date: Sunday, March 11, 2018
Priority: Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Lelonni Campbell
Updated: Saturday, March 3, 2018 12:59pm

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