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Biograhpy of our Astrologer

My fascination with astrology stems back to my childhood.   I studied the stars, took astronomy classes and read as many books as I could on Astrology and Astronomy.  Back in those days Astrology classes were not easily found, at least not in my neck of the woods.  So I found what I could on the subject in the library.  It was not much but it helped me start to understand the energy of the universal forces.  

When I was a young adult, many of those who became today’s top astrologers were just starting to write books and bring the subject more into the main stream and more available to the public.  These people greatly influenced my take on astrology and how it should be used. I was fortunate enough to meet with and take classes from Donna Cunningham, workshops from Raymond Merriman and go to astrological conferences with the likes of Robert Hand, Frances Soakian, and Louise Acker.  These people have no idea how much they influenced me, and how I am grateful to each of them for setting me on a path.

By the time I was in my 20’s I was studying Astrology full time and had found both classes and workshops so I could learn the fundamentals.  In those days we did not have computer programs so we did everything by hand. I am so glad I learned those methods as it allowed me to understand the dynamics of a horoscope in a way you cannot with a computer program. It allowed an intimacy with the birthchart that can be lacking in today’s technology laden world.

Astrology to me is the ability to read the energy of a person, place, thing, event, animal or circumstance.  The free will we have is how we use the energy we are given in this life

Did you know you can tell a person’s eating habits by looking at their sixth house.

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