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Greetings and welcome to my world of astrology.

I am hoping this site is a little different from the countless other sites available on the internet.  As I have surfed the web over the years looking for a site where I could interact with astrologers, I have been disappointed as I have not found anything suitable.   So I am hoping that I can fill a void or gap in the online astrology community. 

One of my goals for my site is to be a resource, a place to learn, a place to ask questions and a place to gain information.  I truly want an interactive experience on my site; I also want to be able to give those who visit my site the ability to contribute to it.  So I am going to start by asking anyone who visits my site to me with suggestions on how to accomplish my goal. I also want to be able to answer personal questions, about life situations or your personal chart, so I am going to start a blog, but not a daily blog, but a twice a month forum in which you can send me questions.  I will pick two questions a month to answer, I will also have associates I work with answer some of these questions so a dialog can be opened up with those of you who use the site.

I am going to add some information on astrology, but I am going to do this slowly as I want to be able to add information that is needed and not found in a hundred other sites.  I am also going to make other services available such as asking questions on yoga, reflexology, Ayurvedic medicine, metaphysics and other complementary subjects. I am also going to put in little ditties that tell you something about the signs, the planets, the aspects and the houses.

I hope you enjoy the site and take advantage of all the services we offer now and hope to offer in the future.

Question of the Month

I will be publishing one question a month about astrology.  Please me with questions, not on personal charts but questions about astrology in general.  I will choose one question a month to answer. That question and its answer will go up on the website for everyone to see. Whoever writes the question I pick will recieve a free computerized lunar return report for that month.

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